How to care for your ceramic coating.

Immediate post coating instructions:

Awesome, your vehicle is now ceramic coated! If you chose us for a ceramic coating we greatly appreciate your support. Here’s how to take care of your ceramic coating.

If you just got your vehicle coated do NOT wash the vehicle until one week has pasted since installation. The coating needs a week to fully cure then it can be washed.

A coating is not bulletproof and can still be scratched and water spots, bird poop and bug etchings can still happen if not maintained properly. Do not rub up against the vehicle as you can still scratch it.

However, the ceramic coating CAN get wet after the initial 12 hour curing time. If you happen to get lots of bugs on the vehicle before the first week has pasted please contact us promptly so we can guide you on how to get them off safely.

After the first week of curing:

Your ceramic coated vehicle is now fully cured, you can begin to wash it and it will be very easy to wash and dry now that it’s coated. We recommend washing the vehicle at least twice a month or bi weekly as a maintenance. Use the two bucket wash method each time to completely wash and dry off the vehicle.

Key points:

Wash bi weekly

Use two bucket wash method

Dry completely to eliminate chances of water spotting that can etch into the coating

Two bucket wash method:

Rinseless wash method:

Ceramic coating maintenance:

The key to keeping anything preserved long term is to keep up on maintenance. At minimum bi-weekly washes using the two bucket method or rinse-less wash method to keep the vehicle clean. Your ceramic coating installer should inform you having a ceramic coating maintenance service performed 1-2 times a year. This service will typically include a decontamination wash, clay bar treatment if necessary, light polish if there are imperfections in the coating, iron fallout removal, and application of a coating maintenance spray sealant to help preserve the hydrophobic behavior of the coating and to help it last.

General Guidelines:

The coating is NOT bulletproof. The coating still can get scratches and swirled but it is a sacrificial layer and the scratches will be in the coating and not in your vehicles paint.

Avoid rubbing up against and going through brush or wooded areas with your coated vehicle to avoid marring.

Use proper wash methods: two bucket method for dirtier applications and rinseless washing for light soiling on the vehicle. Wash at minimum twice a month.

Completely dry the vehicle. Do not leave water on the vehicle as the coating can still get water spots. Use compressed or forced air to blow out water from crevices to avoid drip marks.

Take advantage of coating maintenance details to preserve the life of your coating and to ensure it performs and looks its best.

If you have any further questions regarding how to take care of your ceramic coating please feel free to contact us, we are here to help!

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